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Quick facts -- Montana Voting
  • Same Day Registration :    Yes
  • Voter Registration deadline :   30 day(s) before election
  • Early Voting :    Yes   --    Voting By Absentee Ballot :   Yes
  • Voter Id Requirement :   Yes
  • Electoral Votes:   3
  • U.S Congressional District(s):    1 (Change:0)

Census Data -- MT

Population Under 1822.30%
Population over 6415.20%
Population between 18 and 6462.50%
Percentage of White87.50%
Percentage of Black0.50%
Percentage of Hispanic3.10%
Percentage of Asian0.70%
Percentage of Native American6.40%
Percentage of Native Hawaiian0.10%
Pecentage below poverty14.50%
Total Fed. Spending$0

How can I find my polling location?

If you do not know where your polling place is,you can use sos.mt.gov to locate your polling place. If you have any issues or questions, please contact your County Clerk

Montana: Voting at the Polls on Election Day

Poll Hours: 7:00 AM-8:00 PM

    Before an elector is permitted to receive a ballot or vote, the elector shall present to an election judge a current photo identification showing the elector's name. If the elector does not present photo identification the elector shall present one of several specified documents showing the elector's name and current address.

    Acceptable Forms of ID

    • Driver's license
    • School district or postsecondary education photo identification
    • Tribal photo identification
    • Current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, notice of confirmation of voter registration, government check, or other government document that shows the elector's name and current address

    If the identification presented is insufficient to verify the elector's identity and eligibility to vote or if the elector's name does not appear in the precinct register, the elector may sign the precinct register and cast a provisional ballot.

    Montana uses signature verification to verify the eligibility of provisional ballots. If the voter's signature on the provisional ballot affirmation matches the signature on the voter's registration record, the ballot is counted.

    Election Offices In montana

    Election OfficePhoneAddress
    Beaverhead county 406-683-3720 Fax: 406-683-3781 2 South Pacific Street, #3 Dillon, MT 59725
    Big horn county 406-665-9796 Fax: 406-665-9824 Post Office Box 908 Hardin, MT 59034
    Blaine county 406-357-3240 Fax: 406-357-2199 Post Office Box 278 Chinook, MT 59523
    Broadwater county 406-266-9215 Fax: 406-266-3674 515 Broadway Street Townsend, MT 59644
    Carbon county 406-446-1220 Fax: 406-446-2640 Post Office Box 887 Red Lodge, MT 59068
    Carter county 406-775-8749 Fax: 406-775-8750 Post Office Box 315 Ekalaka, MT 59324
    Cascade county 406-454-6803 Fax: 406-454-6725 Post Office Box 2305 Great Falls, MT 59403
    Chouteau county 406-622-5151 Fax: 406-622-3012 Post Office Box 459 Fort Benton, MT 59442
    Custer county 406-874-3343 Fax: 406-874-3452 1010 Main Street Miles City, MT 59301
    Daniels county 406-487-5561 Fax: 406-487-5583 Post Office Box 247 Scobey, MT 59263
    Dawson county 406-377-3058 Fax: 406-377-1717 207 West Bell Glendive, MT 59330
    Deer lodge county 406-563-4060 Fax: 406-563-4001 800 Main Anaconda, MT 59711
    Fallon county 406-778-7106 Fax: 406-778-2048 Post Office Box 846 Baker, MT 59313
    Fergus county 406-535-5242 Fax: 406-535-9023 712 West Main Lewistown, MT 59457
    Flathead county 406-758-2453 Fax: 406-758-5877 800 South Main Kalispell, MT 59901
    Gallatin county 406-582-3060 Fax: 406-582-3068 311 West MainRoom 210 Bozeman, MT 59715
    Garfield county 406-557-2760 Fax: 406-557-2765 Post Office Box 7 Jordan, MT 59337
    Glacier county 406-873-3609 Fax: 406-873-3613 512 East Main Cut Bank, MT 59427
    Golden valley county 406-568-2231 Fax: 406-568-2428 Post Office Box 10 Ryegate, MT 59074
    Granite county 406-859-3771 Fax: 406-859-3817 Post Office Box 925 Philipsburg, MT 59858
    Hill county 406-265-5481 ext. 221 Fax: 406-265-2445 315 4th Street Havre, MT 59501
    Jefferson county 406-225-4020 Fax: 406-225-4149 Box H Boulder, MT 59632
    Judith basin county 406-566-2277 ext. 109 Fax: 406-566-2211 Box 427 Stanford, MT 59479
    Lake county 406-883-7268 Fax: 406-883-7230 106 4th Avenue East Polson, MT 59860
    Lewis and clark county 406-447-8338 Fax: 406-457-8598 316 North Park Avenue, Room 168 Helena, MT 59623
    Liberty county 406-759-5365 Fax: 406-759-5395 Post Office Box 459 Chester, MT 59522
    Lincoln county 406-283-2300 Fax: 406-293-8577 512 California Libby, MT 59923
    Madison county 406-843-4270 Fax: 406-843-5264 Box 366 Virginia City, MT 59755
    Mccone county 406-485-3505 Fax: 406-485-2689 Box 199 Circle, MT 59215
    Meagher county 406-547-3612 ext. 2 Fax: 406-547-3388 Post Office Box 309 White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645
    Mineral county 406-822-3520 Fax: 406-822-3579 Post Office Box 550 Superior, MT 59872
    Missoula county 406-258-4751 Fax: 406-258-3913 200 West Broadway Missoula, MT 59802
    Musselshell county 406-323-1104 Fax: 406-323-3303 506 Main Street Roundup, MT 59072
    Park county 406-222-4110 Fax: 406-222-4193 414 East Callender Street Livingston, MT 59047
    Petroleum county 406-429-5311 Fax: 406-429-6328 Box 226 Winnett, MT 59087
    Phillips county 406-654-2423 Fax: 406-654-2429 Box 360 Malta, MT 59538
    Pondera county 406-271-4000 Fax: 406-271-4070 20 4th Avenue Southwest Conrad, MT 59425
    Powder river county 406-436-2361 Fax: 406-436-2151 Post Office Box 200 Broadus, MT 59317
    Powell county 406-846-9786 Fax: 406-846-3891 409 Missouri Deer Lodge, MT 59722
    Prairie county 406-635-5575 Fax: 406-635-5576 Box 125 Terry, MT 59349
    Ravalli county 406-375-6550 Fax: 406-375-6554 215 South Fourth Street, Suite C Hamilton, MT 59840
    Richland county 406-433-1708 Fax: 406-433-3731 201 West Main Sidney, MT 59270
    Roosevelt county 406-653-6250 Fax: 406-653-6289 400 Second Avenue South Wolf Point, MT 59201
    Rosebud county 406-346-7318 Fax: 406-346-7551 Post Office Box 47 Forsyth, MT 59327
    Sanders county 406-827-6922 Fax: 406-827-6970 Box 519 Thompson Falls, MT 59873
    Sheridan county 406-765-3403 Fax: 406-765-2609 100 West Laurel Avenue Plentywood, MT 59254
    Silver bow county 406-497-6342 Fax: 406-497-6328 155 West Granite, Room 208 Butte, MT 59701
    Stillwater county 406-322-8000 Fax: 406-322-8069 Post Office Box 149 Columbus, MT 59019
    Sweet grass county 406-932-5152 Fax: 406-932-3026 Post Office Box 888 Big Timber, MT 59011
    Teton county 406-466-2693 Fax: 406-466-3244 Post Office Box 610 Choteau, MT 59422
    Toole county 406-424-8300 Fax: 406-424-8301 226 1st Street South Shelby, MT 59474
    Treasure county 406-342-5547 Fax: 406-342-5547 Post Office Box 392 Hysham, MT 59038
    Valley county 406-228-6226 Fax: 406-228-9027 501 Court Square, Box 2 Glasgow, MT 59230
    Wheatland county 406-632-4891 Fax: 406-632-4880 Post Office Box 1903 Harlowton, MT 59036
    Wibaux county 406-796-2481 Fax: 406-796-2625 Post Office Box 199 Wibaux, MT 59353
    Yellowstone county 406-256-2740 Fax: 406-254-7940 Post Office Box 35002 Billings, MT 59107
    Voting by Absentee Ballot In Montana

    Any registered voter may vote by absentee ballot:

    • Applications must be received by the county election office by noon the day before the election. If you drop off the application you will be able to pick up the absentee ballot at the same time, once ballots are available.
    • Be sure to sign the affirmation on the signature envelope before sending back or dropping off. Note: The person to whom the ballot was issued must be the person signing the return envelope.

    Military and Overseas Voters

    • The Secretary of State's Electronic Absentee System (EAS) for Montana's Absent Military and Overseas Citizen Voters is now available. Register and vote using this system until 8:00 p.m. MDT June 5, 2012.

    College Student Voting In Montana

    Students can establish residency in Montana if they have a present intention to remain at their Montana school address for the time being, and they intend to make it their principal home.The website of the Secretary of State states plainly that students who live at school can choose whether to register at their prior address or at school, so long as they only vote at one address.

    Students who lived in Montana prior to attending school and who wish to establish or keep their Montana voting residency,should have no problem doing so unless they have already registered to vote in another state. Like most states, Montana allows students to keep their voting residency even if they move out of the county or state to attend school.

    Mover's Guide: Montana

    Under federal law, if you move within 30 days of a presidential election, you are allowed to vote for President and Vice President in your former state of residence, either in person or by absentee ballot.

    If you moved to Montana from another state, you must register to vote in Montana to be able to vote. You can register in person at the election administrator’s office anytime before the election; however, any voter who registers after noon on the day before or on Election Day must appear at the county election office in order to vote. Unless you register at the election administrator’s office, the last day to register in time to vote in the next election is thirty days before the election

    If you moved to a new address that is covered by the same polling place as your old address, you can vote a regular ballot at that polling place after confirming your change of address at the polling place. This is true regardless of how close to the election you moved.

    If you moved to a new address within the same county but with a different polling place, you can vote at the polling place associated with your old address or a centralized location set up by the election administrator for the first election after your move. You need to give your new address and fill out a transfer or new registration form.

    If you moved to a new address in a different county more than 30 days before an election you should complete a new registration form for your new address in the county.

    Montana Political Parties

    • Constitution Party of Montana
    • 2212 2nd Ave S Great Falls, MT 59405 Phone: 406-727-5924 Phone: 406-422-4095
      E-mail: KurtisO@CenturyTel.Net
      Website: http://www.cpmontana.org/
    • Montana Democratic Party
    • 303 N. Ewing Helena, MT 59601 Phone: 406-442-9520 Fax: 406-442-9534
      E-mail: getinfo@montanademocrats.org
      Website: http://www.montanademocrats.org/
    • Montana Green Party
    • Post Office Box 2501 Great Falls, MT 59403 Phone: 406-216-2711 Phone: 406-270-7554
      E-mail: greateco@3rivers.net
      Website: http://www.mtgreens.org/
    • Montana Libertarian Party
    • Post Office Box 4803 Missoula, MT 59806-4803 Phone: 406-721-9020
      E-mail: webserf@mtlp.org
      Website: http://www.mtlp.org/
    • Montana Patriot Party

    • E-mail: admin@pacificwestcom.com
      Website: http://www.pacificwestcom.com/stateparties/MONTANA/montana.html
    • Montana Republican Party
    • Post Office Box 935 Helena, MT 59624 Phone: 406-442-6469 Fax: 406-442-3293
      E-mail: feedback@mtgop.org
      Website: http://www.mtgop.org/
    • Reform Party of Montana
    • PO Box 3236 Abilene, TX 79604 Phone: 817-249-2751
      E-mail: pacific@rpusa.info
      Website: http://reformpartymt.org/
    State Congress

    Recent Montana Key Votes :

    Bill Passed in State Congress

    • Senate
    • Conference Report Vote -- 2015-2017 Biennium Budget (HB 2)
    • Conference Report Vote -- Authorizes Tax Credits for Donations to Certain Educational Programs and Student Scholarship Organizations (SB 410)
    • House
    • Conference Report Vote -- 2015-2017 Biennium Budget (HB 2)
    • Conference Report Vote -- Authorizes Tax Credits for Donations to Certain Educational Programs and Student Scholarship Organizations (SB 410)

    Bill Failed in State Congress

    • Senate
    • House
    • Passage With Amendment -- Appropriates Funds for Infrastructure Projects (SB 416)
    Montana Congressional Districts
    Browse 2011 Census Data By County:
    MT Census

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    November 8,2016 Election
    In 106 days
    Montana State Legislature
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    Montana QuickFacts


    • Date of Statehood: November 8. 1889
    • Population 1900: 243,329
    • Population 1950: 591,024
    Capital Helena
    Largest City Billings
    Second Largest City Missoula
    Persons per square mile 6

    I never knew that! *

    • Nickname: Treasure State
    • Flower: Bitterroot
    • Tree: Ponderosa Pine
    • Bird: Western Meadowlark
    • Animal: Grizzly Bear
    • Grass: Bluebunch Wheatgrass
    • Butterfly: Mourning Cloak

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    Please contact your local election office for more detailed information about the laws concerning election dates,poll hours,poll locations, voter id requirements,absentee voting, voter registration, name or address changes that would apply in your case. Click here for local election office contacts