Upcoming Elections in Missouri

Poll Hours: 6:00 AM-7:00 PM

The election judges shall open the polls at six o’clock in the morning and keep them open until seven o’clock in the evening. At seven o’clock in the evening, all voters at the polls, including any in line to vote, shall be permitted to vote.

How can I find my polling location?

If you do not know where your polling place is,you can use www.sos.mo.gov. Voters from Boone and St. Charles County will be redirected to their respective county websites. If you have a non-standard address such as rural route, you will need to contact your Local Election Authority instead of using this lookup. If you have any issues or questions, please contact your County Clerk

2016 Election Dates and Deadlines

April 5, 2016 - General Municipal Election Day
Last day Candidate filing for April 5, 2016 Municipal ElectionJanuary 19, 2016
LAST day to register to vote March 9, 2016
August 2, 2016 - State Primary Election Day
First day Candidate filing for August 2, 2016 PrimaryFebruary 23, 2016
Last day Candidate filing for August 2, 2016 PrimaryMarch 29, 2016
Last day to register to vote for August 2, Primary ElectionJuly 6, 2016
Last day to return absentee ballot by mailAugust 1, 2016
November 8, 2016 - General Election
First day Candidate filing for November General ElectionJuly 19, 2016
Last day Candidate filing for November General ElectionAugust 23, 2016
Last day to register to vote for November 8 General ElectionOctober 12, 2016
Last day (by 5PM) for election authority to receive mailed or faxed request for absentee ballot.November 2, 2016
Last day to return absentee ballot by mailNovember 7, 2016
Mayoral Elections and Others
  • Blue Springs Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Carson Ross - Population(52,575)
  • Columbia Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Robert McDavid - Population(108,500)
    Mayor McDavid will not seek re-election.
  • St. Peters Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Len Pagano - Population(52,575)
  • Wildwood Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Timothy D. Woerther - Population(35,517)
April 5, 2016
  • Joplin Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Michael Seibert - Population(50,150)
April 12, 2016

Time Off For Voting: Yes

Any person entitled to vote at any election held within this state shall, on the day of such election, be entitled to absent himself from any services or employment in which he is then engaged or employed, for a period of three hours between the time of opening and the time of closing the polls for the purpose of voting, and any such absence for such purpose shall not be reason for the discharge of or the threat to discharge any such person from such services or employment; and such employee, if he votes, shall not, because of so absenting himself, be liable to any penalty or discipline, nor shall any deduction be made on account of such absence from his usual salary or wages; provided, however, that request shall be made for such leave of absence prior to the day of election, and provided further, that this section shall not apply to a voter on the day of election if there are three successive hours while the polls are open in which he is not in the service of his employer. The employer may specify any three hours between the time of opening and the time of closing the polls during which such employee may absent himself.

Voting At The Polls On Election Day


If you are in line at the closing time of 7:00 PM you have the right to cast your vote

Before receiving a ballot, voters shall establish their identify and eligibility to vote at the polling place by presenting a form of personal identification.

Acceptable IDs to Vote -Registered voters need to present ONLY ONE of the following types of ID:

  • Identification issued by the state of Missouri, an agency of the state, or a local election authority of the state
  • Identification issued by the United States government or agency thereof
  • Identification issued by an institution of higher education, including a university, college, vocational and technical school, located within the state of Missouri
  • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government document that contains the name and address of the voter
  • Driver's license or state identification card issued by another state

If you do not possess any of these forms of identification, you may still cast a ballot if two supervising election judges, one from each major political party, attest they know you.

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Can I Register At The Polls On Election Day?

NO: Missouri does not provide Same Day Voter Registration. You must register to vote by the voter registration deadline in order to vote in an election. If you miss the voter registration deadline for an election you should contact your local election office.

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