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Wyoming Elected Officials

A listing of Wyoming's public officeholders, including Constitutional officers,Members of the United States Congress,and links to members of the State Congress
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State Legislature

Wyoming U.S. Senators
Senator BARRASSO, John A.Party affiliation: Republican ; Year of Birth: 1952
Senator BARRASSO, John A.

A Senator from Wyoming; born on July 21, 1952, in Reading, Penn.; GraduatedGeorgetown University, Washington, D.C., B.S. 1974; graduated GeorgetownUniversity School of Medicine, M.D. 1978; residency at Yale Medical School,New Haven, Conn.; orthopedic surgeon, private practice; chief of staff Ofthe Wyoming Medical Center, Casper, Wyo.; Wyoming State senate 2002-2007; Appointedto the United States Senate on June 22, 2007, to fill the vacancy Causedby the death of Craig L. Thomas; took the oath of office on June 25, 2007;elected in 2008 in a special election for the term ending January 3, 2013;reelected in 2012 for the term ending January 3, 2019; vice-chair, RepublicanConference (2010-2012); chair, Republican Policy Committee (2012-); Chair,Committee on Indian Affairs (One Hundred Fourteenth Congress).

Senator ENZI, Michael B.Party affiliation: Republican ; Year of Birth: 1944
Senator ENZI, Michael B.

A Senator from Wyoming; born in Bremerton, Wash., February 1, 1944; Attendedpublic schools of Thermopolis and Sheridan, Wyo.; graduated, Sheridan HighSchool 1962; received degree in accounting, George Washington University 1966;M.B.A. in retail marketing from Denver University 1968; served in Wyoming NationalGuard 1967-73; owned and operated family shoe stores in Gillette and Sheridan,Wyo., and Miles City, Mont.; accountant; Certified Professional in HumanResources, 1993-present; Mayor of Gillette 1975-1982; member, Wyoming Houseof representatives 1987-1991; member, Wyoming state senate 1991-1996; Commissioner,Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education 1995-1996; Electedas a Republican to the United States Senate in 1996; reelected in 2002, 2008,and again in 2014 for the term ending January 3, 2021; chair, Committee OnHealth, Education, Labor, and Pensions (One Hundred Ninth Congress), Committeeon Budget (One Hundred Fourteenth Congress).

Wyoming U.S. House Representatives
Representative LUMMIS, Cynthia M.Party affiliation: Republican ; Year of Birth: 1954
Representative LUMMIS, Cynthia M.

Congressional District : At Large

A Representative from Wyoming; born in Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyo.,September 10, 1954; B.S., University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo., 1976; B.A.,University of Wyoming, 1978; J.D., University of Wyoming College of Law, Laramie,Wyo., 1985; rancher; lawyer, private practice; staff, Wyoming Governor JimGeringer, 1994-1996; member of Wyoming state house of representatives, 1979-1983,1985-1993; member of Wyoming state senate, 1993-1995; Wyoming state Treasurer,1999-2007; Wyoming state lands and investment acting director, 1997-1998;elected as a Republican to the One Hundred Eleventh and to the three SucceedingCongresses (January 3, 2009-present).

Website: http://lummis.house.gov/
Phone: 202-225-2311

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