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Oregon Elected Officials

Oregon Current Partisan Composition
State Representatives(60)
State Senators(30)
US Representatives(5)
US Senators(2)
State Executives
Lt. Governor
Att. General
Sec. Of State
State Executives
Governor Kate  Brown
Dennis Richardson
Ellen F. Rosenblum,
Hon. Dennis Richardson
Oregon U.S. Senators
Party affiliation:Democrat
Senator Jeff,Merkley

Year of Birth: 1956

A Senator from Oregon; born in Myrtle Creek, Ore., October 24, 1956;B.A., Stanford University, 1979; M.P.A., Princeton University, 1982; governmentanalyst; nonprofit executive; Oregon State representative, 1999-2008; speakerof the Oregon State House of Representative, 2007-2008; elected as a Democratto the United States Senate in 2008; reelected in 2014 for the term endingJanuary 3, 2021.

Phone: Washington, DC:(202) 224-3753

Party affiliation:Democrat
Senator Ron,Wyden

Year of Birth: 1949

A Senator and a Representative from Oregon; born in Wichita,Sedgwick County, Kans., May 3, 1949; attended the public schools of Palo Alto,Calif.; A.B., Stanford University 1971; J.D., University of Oregon Law Schoolin Eugene 1974; director, Oregon Legal Services for the Elderly 1977-1979;public member, Oregon State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators1977-1979; elected as a Democrat to the Ninety-seventh and to the sevensucceeding Congresses, and served from January 3, 1981, to February 5, 1996,when he resigned, having been elected to the Senate; elected to the Senate in aspecial election on January 30, 1996, to fill the unexpired portion of the termending January 3, 1999, left vacant by the resignation of Robert W. Packwood,and began service on February 5, 1996; reelected in 1998, 2004, 2010, and againin 2016 for the term ending January 3, 2023; chair, Committee on Energy andNatural Resources (One Hundred Thirteenth Congress [January 3, 2013-February12, 2014]), Committee on Finance (One Hundred Thirteenth Congress [February 12,2014-January 3, 2015]).

Phone: Washington D.C.:(202) 224-5244

Oregon U.S. House Representatives
Congressional Districts : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ,
Congressional District : 1Democratic
Representative Representative Bonamici, Suzanne

Representative Bonamici, Suzanne
Year of Birth: 1954

A Representative from Oregon; born in Detroit, Wayne County, Mich.,October 14, 1954; A.A., Lane Community College, Eugene, Oreg. 1978; B.A.,University of Oregon, Eugene, Oreg., 1980; J.D., University of Oregon, Eugene,Oreg., 1983; lawyer, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C.; lawyer,private practice; staff, Oregon state house of representatives, 2001-2006;member of Oregon state house of representatives 2007-2008; member of Oregonstate senate, 2008-2011; elected as a Democrat to the One Hundred TwelfthCongress, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation ofUnited States Representative David Wu, and reelected to the three succeedingCongresses (January 31, 2012-present).


Congressional District : 2Republican
Representative Representative Walden, Greg

Representative Walden, Greg
Year of Birth: 1957

A Representative from Oregon; born in The Dalles, Wasco County,Ore., January 10, 1957; B.S., University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore., 1981; memberof the Oregon state house of representatives, 1989-1995; member of the Oregonstate senate, 1995-1997; elected as a Republican to the One Hundred Sixth andto the nine succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1999-present).


Congressional District : 3Democratic
Representative Representative Blumenauer, Earl

Representative Blumenauer, Earl
Year of Birth: 1948

A Representative from Oregon; born in Portland, Multnomah County,Oreg., August 16, 1948; graduated from Centennial High School, Portland, Oreg.,1966; B.A., Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oreg., 1970; J.D., Lewis andClark Law School, Portland, Oreg., 1976; assistant to the president of PortlandState University, Portland, Oreg., 1970-1977; member of the Oregon state houseof representatives, 1973-1978; member of the board of directors, PortlandCommunity College, 1975-1981; Multnomah County, Oreg., commissioner, 1978-1985;Portland, Oreg., city commissioner, 1986-1996; served on the Governor’scommission on higher education, 1990-1991; elected as a Democrat, by specialelection, to the One Hundred Fourth Congress to fill the vacancy caused by theresignation of United States Representative Ronald Lee Wyden, and reelected tothe eleven succeeding Congresses (May 21, 1996-present).


Congressional District : 4Democratic
Representative Representative DeFazio, Peter A.

Representative DeFazio, Peter A.
Year of Birth: 1947

A Representative from Oregon; born in Needham, Norfolk County,Mass., May 27, 1947; B.A., Tufts University, Medford, Mass., 1969; M.A.,University of Oregon, Eugene, Oreg., 1977; United States Air Force Reserve,1967-1971; staff, United States Representative James Howard Weaver of Oregon,1977-1982; member of the Lane County, Oreg., board of commissioners, 1983-1986,chair, 1985-1986; unsuccessful candidate for nomination to the United StatesSenate in a special primary election in 1995; elected as a Democrat to the OneHundredth and to the fifteen succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1987-present).


Congressional District : 5Democratic
Representative Representative Schrader, Kurt

Representative Schrader, Kurt
Year of Birth: 1951

A Representative from Oregon; born in Bridgeport, Fairfield County,Conn., October 19, 1951; graduated from Champaign Centennial High School,Champaign, Ill., 1969; B.A., Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., 1973; B.S.,University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Ill., 1975; D.V.M., University ofIllinois, Urbana-Champaign, Ill., 1977; veterinarian; farmer; member of theOregon state house of representatives, 1997-2003; member of the Oregon statesenate, 2003-2008; elected as a Democrat to the One Hundred Eleventh and to thefour succeeding Congresses (January 3, 2009-present).


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