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2014 Upcoming Elections

The 2014 U.S. Midterm election will be held on Tuesday, the 4th of November 2014. There will be a Total of 39 Gubernatorial Elections (15 Democrat Seats, 23 Republican Seats, 1 Independent Seat) -- 31 Eligible Incumbents, 8 Open Races. Congressional elections (federal and states congress) will be held nationwide. A total of 35 U.S. Senate seats up for election in 2014. Of those seats,21 are held by Democrats and 14 are held Republicans.

September 2014 Dates
Georgia -- Last day to file and publish a notice of intention to be a write-in candidate in the General Election.September 2, 2014 -
North Dakota -- Independent Filing deadline for General Election - 4pmSeptember 2, 2014
Nebraska -- Independent Filing deadline for General ElectionSeptember 2, 2014 -
New Hampshire -- Last day to register to vote before Primary Election DaySeptember 2, 2014
Connecticut -- Third/Minor Filing deadline for General ElectionSeptember 3, 2014 -
North Carolina -- Absentee Voting By Mail begins for the General ElectionSeptember 5, 2014
Alaska -- REAA: Registration and Registration Updates Deadline September 7, 2014 -
Arkansas -- Last day to register to vote for the Annual School Board Runoff ElectionSeptember 8, 2014
Delaware -- The last time that the Departments of Elections can issue anabsentee ballots for the Primary Election. - 12 p.m noonSeptember 8, 2014 -
New Hampshire -- Ballot Request deadlineSeptember 8, 2014
Delaware -- Congressional PrimarySeptember 9, 2014
Delaware -- DEADLINE for voters to return voted absentee ballots for thePrimary Election to the respective Department of Elections. at 8:00pm September 9, 2014
Guam -- Ballot Return by 5pmSeptember 9, 2014 -
Massachusetts -- Congressional PrimarySeptember 9, 2014
New Hampshire -- Ballot return deadlineSeptember 9, 2014 -
New Hampshire -- STATE PRIMARY ELECTION DAY - Unregistered voters may register and vote this day.September 9, 2014
New Hampshire -- Voter registration beginsSeptember 9, 2014 -
Rhode Island -- Congressional PrimarySeptember 9, 2014
Rhode Island -- Ballot Return by 8pmSeptember 9, 2014 -
Arkansas -- Early voting begins for the Annual School Election.September 10, 2014
Delaware -- Registered voters may change political party affiliation.September 10, 2014 -
Massachusetts -- 5:00 PM, last day and hour for all write-in or sticker candidates who won at the state primary to file a written acceptance of the nomination and Ethics Commission receiptSeptember 11, 2014
Massachusetts -- 12:00 PM, last day and hour to file withdrawals of or objections to nominations at the state primaries.September 12, 2014 -
Arkansas -- Deadline for a voter to participate in early voting for the Annual School Election. September 15, 2014
Arkansas -- Deadline for a voter to deliver an absentee ballot to the county clerk not later than the close of regular business hours.September 15, 2014 -
Kentucky -- Deadline for printing of regular and absentee ballots (at least 50 days before election).September 15, 2014
Massachusetts -- 5:00 PM, last day and hour to fill vacancies caused by withdrawals at the state primaries.September 15, 2014 -
Arkansas -- Deadline for the county clerk to receive delivery of absentee ballots by mail(excluding overseas), or by hand-delivery from the designated bearer, administrator or authorized agent of the voter.September 16, 2014
Arkansas -- Annual School Board ElectionSeptember 16, 2014
Arkansas -- Deadline for the county board of election commissioners (CBEC) to deliver absentee ballots to the county clerk for mailing to all qualified applicants for the General Election.September 18, 2014
Alaska -- Deadline to have Early Voting ballots ready and sent to UOCAVA voters with requestson file.September 19, 2014 -
Minnesota -- Absentee ballots availableSeptember 19, 2014
South Dakota -- Absentee voting begins for the General ElectionSeptember 19, 2014 -
Virgin Islands -- All federal all federal ballots to be mailed out to Military and overseas personnel.September 19, 2014
Florida -- 2014 Absentee Ballot Send Deadline - For absent stateside and overseas uniformed and civilian voters (UOCAVA voters)(45 day deadline before election)September 20, 2014 -
New Hampshire -- Last day clerks can mail or email Write-In Ballots to UOCAVA voters for the general electionSeptember 20, 2014
Alaska -- REAA: In-Person Absentee and Special Needs Voting Begins September 22, 2014 -
New York -- Ballot ReturnSeptember 23, 2014
Arizona -- Write-In Candidates - Last day to file September 25, 2014 -
Arkansas -- Deadline for September 16th Election\'s absentee ballots of overseas voters or armed services personnel serving in active status to be received by the county clerk no later than 5:00 p.m.September 26, 2014
Alaska -- REAA : Absentee By-Mail Application Deadline September 29, 2014 -
Mississippi -- Voter Registration:Circuit Clerks’offices MAY remain open from 8:00 a.m. until 7 p.m.,including the noon hourSeptember 29, 2014
Arkansas -- Early voting begins for the Annual School Runoff Election.September 30, 2014 -
Delaware -- DEADLINE to file a Write In Candidate Declaration Form forStatewide Offices with the State Election Commissioner andfor all other candidates with the respective Department of Elections - at 4:30pmSeptember 30, 2014

Note: Laws, rules, and procedures in State and local elections may differ depending on the type of election.

General Elections:

General elections have the most offices and issues on the ballot and usually generate more interest and higher turnout than any other elections.Most offices on the general election ballot are partisan.

Primary and Caucus

Primary elections are one means by which a political party nominates candidates for the next general election. The main difference between a caucus and a primary is that a caucus involves face-to-face interaction between voters, where voters can try to persuade one another to vote for (or against) a certain candidate.

Municipal Elections

In municipal elections, registered voters elect members of their local government, such as mayors, council people, township supervisors and district judges.

School Elections

School elections are held to elect school board members and community college directors

Special Elections

A special election is held when someone who is already in office can no longer serve and must be replaced. All registered voters in the district can vote in a special election.

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