Upcoming Elections in Arkansas

Poll Hours: 7:30 AM-7:30 PM

Code Ann. ยง 7-5-304: The polls shall be opened at 7:30 a.m., and they shall remain open continuously until 7:30 p.m.
In all counties, when the polls close, all persons who have presented themselves for voting and who are then in line at the polling site shall be permitted to cast their votes.

How can I find my polling location?

If you do not know where your polling place is,you can use www.sos.arkansas.gov to find your polling place. If you have any issues or questions, please contact your County Clerk

2016 Election Dates and Deadlines

August 9, 2016 - Municipal Primary Election
First day candidates for mayor or director may file with the city clerk a statement of candidacy and the petition for nomination.May 11, 2016
Last day for candidates for mayor or director to file with the city clerk a statement of candidacy and the petition for nomination.May 26, 2016
Deadline to apply to register to voteJuly 11, 2016
Deadline for county clerk to receive absentee ballot applications by mail or electronic means for the Municipal Primary Election.August 2, 2016
Early voting begins for the Municipal Primary ElectionAugust 2, 2016
September 20, 2016 - Annual School Board Election
Deadline to apply to register to voteAugust 22, 2016
October 11, 2016 - Annual School Board Runoff Election
Deadline to apply to register to voteSeptember 12, 2016
November 8, 2016 - Nonpartisan General Election
Deadline to apply to register to vote for November 8 ElectionOctober 10, 2016
November 29, 2016 - General Runoff Election Day
Deadline to apply to register to vote October 31, 2016
Mayoral Elections and Others
  • Conway Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Tab Townsell - Population(58,908)
    Mayor Townsell will not seek re-election.
  • Fayetteville Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Lioneld Jordan - Population(73,580)
  • Jonesboro Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Harold Perrin - Population(67,263)
  • North Little Rock Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Joe Smith - Population(62,304)
  • Pine Bluff Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Debe Hollingsworth - Population(49,083)
  • Rogers Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Greg Hines - Population(55,964)
  • Springdale Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Doug Sprouse - Population(69,797)
November 8, 2016

Time Off For Voting: Yes

Each employer in the state shall schedule the work hours of employees on election days so that each employee will have an opportunity to exercise the right of franchise. Any employer who fails or refuses to comply with the provisions of this section shall upon conviction be subject to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) nor more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250).

Voting At The Polls On Election Day

Vote at your poll on Election Day from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Your precinct is determined by where you live and the polling site is assigned by your county election commission. Most local newspapers publish a list of polling sites within a few days of an election. If you received a Voter ID card from your county clerk, it may show your precinct. You can also find your location online at www.voterview.org.

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Can I Register At The Polls On Election Day?

NO: Arkansas does not provide Same Day Voter Registration. You must register to vote by the voter registration deadline in order to vote in an election. If you miss the voter registration deadline for an election you should contact your local election office.

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