Upcoming Elections in Arizona

2016 Election Dates and Deadlines

November 8,2016 - General: Election day
New Party Petitions deadline: Last day to file General Election - New Party Petitions March 3,2016
Arguments For or Against Ballot Measures - Last day to file: Last day to file arguments for or against ballot measures July 13,2016
Candidate Ballot Access - Write-In candidates ballot access deadline: Last day to file as a write-in candidate for the General Election September 29,2016
Voter Registration Ends: Voter registration deadline for General Election October 10,2016
Early Voting/In Person Absentee voting starts: Early Voting begins for General Election October 12,2016
Mayoral Elections and Others
  • Apache Junction Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: John S. Insalaco - Population(35,840)
  • Buckeye Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Jackie A. Meck - Population(50,876)
  • Casa Grande Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Robert Jackson - Population(48,571)
  • Chandler Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Jay Tibshraeny - Population(236,123)
  • Flagstaff Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Jerry Nabours - Population(65,870)
  • Glendale Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Jerry Weiers - Population(226,721)
  • Marana Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Ed Honea - Population(36,756)
  • Maricopa Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Christian Price - Population(43,482)
  • Mesa Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: John Giles - Population(457,587)
  • Surprise Mayoral Election - Current Mayor: Sharon Wolcott - Population(117,517)
November 8, 2016

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Can I Take Time Off For Voting? Yes

A. A person entitled to vote at a primary or general election held within this state may, on the day of election, absent himself for the purpose of voting from the service or employment at which he is employed if there are less than three consecutive hours between the opening of the polls and the beginning of his regular workshift or between the end of his regular workshift and the closing of the polls. In such event, he may absent himself for such length of time at the beginning or end of his workshift that, when added to the time difference between workshift hours and opening or closing of the polls, will provide a total of three consecutive hours. He shall not, because of such absence, be liable for any penalty, nor shall any deduction be made therefor from his usual salary or wages. Application shall be made for such absence prior to the day of election, and the employer may specify the hours during which the employee may absent himself. B. A person who refuses an employee the right conferred by this section, or who subjects an employee to a penalty o r reduction of wages therefor, or who directly or indirectly violates the provisions of this section, is guilty of a cla ss 2 misdemeanor.

Voting At The Polls On Election Day

What to bring to the polls

When you arrive to vote at the polls on Election Day you will announce your name and place of residence to the election official and present one form of identification from List #1 or two different forms of identification from List #2 or 3.

List #1 - Sufficient Photo ID including name and address (One Required)

  • Valid Arizona driver license
  • Valid Arizona non-operating identification card
  • Tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification
  • Valid United States federal, state, or local government issued identification

List #2 - Sufficient ID without a photograph that bear the name and address (Two Required)

  • Utility bill of the elector that is dated within 90 days of the date of the election. A utility bill may be for electric, gas, water, solid waste, sewer, telephone, cellular phone, or cable television
  • Bank or credit union statement that is dated within 90 days of the date of the election
  • Valid Arizona Vehicle Registration
  • Indian census card
  • Property tax statement of the elector's residence
  • Tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification Arizona vehicle insurance card
  • Recorder's Certificate
  • Valid United States federal, state, or local government issued identification, including a voter registration card issued by the County Recorder
  • Any mailing to the elector marked “Official Election Material”

List #3 -Mix and Match from Lists #1 and #2 (Two Required)

  • Any valid photo identification from List 1 in which the address does not reasonably match the precinct register accompanied by a non-photo identification from List 2 in which the address does reasonably match the precinct register
  • U.S. Passport without address and one valid item from List 2
  • U.S. Military identification without address and one valid item from List 2

Voters with Disabilities

Accessible Polling Places: All polling locations and vote centers have been chosen with special needs voters in mind. Each location will provide handicap parking and be able to accommodate individuals in wheelchairs, as well as, individuals with visual or hearing impairments. Oftentimes a temporary modification will be made to the polling location providing easier accessibility for the voter.

Accessible Voting Systems: All polling locations and vote centers must have an accessible voting device for use by voters with disabilities. In addition to the accessible voting devices, each poling location will have magnifying instruments, large print versions of the publicity pamphlets and trained poll workers who are ready to assist you.

Curbside Voting:Voters who are unable to enter the polling location or voting center may ask that a ballot be brought to them by an election poll worker.

Permanent Early Voting: If you have a permanent physical disability, you may request to be placed on the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL). You will be mailed a ballot for each election that you are eligible for and can vote from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

  • Register to be a permanent early voter online
  • Register to be a permanent early voter by mail

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Poll Hours: 6:00 AM-7:00 PM

The polls shall be opened in every precinct at 6:00 a.m. on the day of election and shall be closed at 7:00 p.m.
Any qualified voter who at the moment of closing is in the line of waiting voters shall be allowed to prepare and have his ballot deposited by the election board official in the presence of the election board and himself.

How can I find my polling location?

If you do not know where your polling place is,you can use voter.azsos.gov to Locate Your Polling Place. If you have any issues or questions, please contact your County Clerk

Am I eligible To Vote in Arizona?

Most States require citizens to be registered in order to vote. Make sure you understand the voter registration requirements of your State of residence. Check if you are eligible to vote in Arizona

How/Where Do I Register To Vote in Arizona?

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What's on Arizona ballot in 2016

Do you know what you are voting for in 2016? Click here to see what will be on the statewide and local ballots

Who Can Vote in Primaries in Arizona?

Primary elections are one means by which a political party nominates candidates for the next general election. Check if you are eligible to vote in Primary Elections in Arizona

Can I Register To Vote At The Polls On Election Day?

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Am I eligible To Vote Absentee Ballot in Arizona?

Most States allow voters to vote using an absentee ballot under certain circumstances. Do you know if you are eligible to vote absentee ballot and how to vote absentee ballot in Arizona? Check on the requirements for requesting and returning an absentee ballot

If My Address Has Changed Do I Need To Re-register To Vote?

When you register to vote, your voter registration is linked to your residential address. When registered voters move, they are supposed to update their registration records with election officials before voting Check if you need to re-register to vote

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