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Statewide Ballot Count
StateStatewide Ballot Count
MaineNovember 8,2016 Election(7)
IllinoisNovember 8,2016 Election(3)
OklahomaNovember 8,2016 Election(15)
MinnesotaNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
IndianaNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
NebraskaNovember 8,2016 Election(1)
AlabamaNovember 8,2016 Election(16)
CaliforniaNovember 8,2016 Election(9)
Rhode IslandNovember 8,2016 Election(1)
New MexicoNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
New JerseyNovember 8,2016 Election(6)
ArizonaNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
OregonNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
NevadaNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
UtahNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
HawaiiNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
MissouriNovember 8,2016 Election(6)
FloridaNovember 8,2016 Election(9)
IdahoNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
MontanaNovember 8,2016 Election(4)
South DakotaNovember 8,2016 Election(17)
WashingtonNovember 8,2016 Election(6)
GeorgiaNovember 8,2016 Election(5)
WyomingNovember 8,2016 Election(3)
VirginiaNovember 8,2016 Election(3)
KansasNovember 8,2016 Election(2)
North DakotaNovember 8,2016 Election(3)
ArkansasNovember 8,2016 Election(4)
ColoradoNovember 8,2016 Election(1)

November 8,2016 Election

In 45 days
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